Building a Drone

We’re building a world-leading autonomous flying Drone!

“Hmm, but it already exists!” you may think. “For example, take a look at APM:Copter.”

Well, there is a handful of somewhat similar projects out there, but none of them delivers a truly autonomous flying machine (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or UAV). The most you can expect from these drones is to fly over a given set of waypoints defined by GPS coordinates. But what if the GPS signal is lost? What if there is an obstacle on the way? Or the landing point’s altitude is not known a priori?

The goal of this project is to overcome these limitations. How? By using a much more powerful platform than Arduino, a lot of sensors and state-of-the-art technologies like a computer vision. In my next post I’ll describe what exactly we’re gonna use.

“OK, but is it really necessary? Who will use such a drone?” Photographers for example – for Aerial photography, or (big) kids (as a toy), or… Have you ever heard of this competition? Do you see the Combat Robots section there?

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